Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Move Is On, Brother!

A few weeks ago in Phoenix, when I had preached on Sunday afternoon, where there's divisions, and men wouldn't hardly speak to one another. I seen around two hundred ministers or better, walk down to the altar, and shake one another's hands, and cry over one another's shoulders, and say they'd never fuss or be different with one another again.

Let that great Church of God take that attitude tonight, and I'll show you a revival that'll ought to sweep this nation and tear down every nest of hell there is. Brother, we can preach till we're hoarse and our lungs fall out, until the people make them move, you'll never do nothing. That's right. You've got to make them move and believe it. Brethren, do it tonight. Do it tonight. Stand up for the Word. Stand for the living Word of the living God. God will manifest it. Amen.

WMB ("God In His Word" - 1957)


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