Friday, December 23, 2005

The Word Interpreted

Jesus in His age, what was He? Just like the prophets of their age. Each one of them was God's Word being interpreted for that age.

Moses was God's Word interpreted. God said, "I'll send down there and I'll deliver them. I'm sending you down with My Word. I'll do great signs and wonders." He did it. Mary, she was God's Word interpreted, "A virgin shall conceive." That was God's Word interpreted.

Not what they expected
Now, here comes Jesus on the scene, the God of the prophets. And here they was so organized, and discriminated, and oh, in such a condition till they didn't even recognize Him. He didn't come the way they thought He ought to come. They thought God would pull a little lever here and let the corridors of heaven down, and He'd walk down and say, "Caiaphas, high priest of God, I have arrived."

Jesus, the Word
But He had a baby born in a manger, down in a little cave stable in Bethlehem, way down there with the straw and manure of the barn, a little baby wrapped in swaddling cloth and laid into a manger: had no schooling. Watch how He corrected the word. And He was the Word. He is the Word. He ever remains the same yesterday, today, and forever. Right.

WMB ("Identified Christ of All Ages" - 1964)

I wish you a merry Christmas, and a blessed time together with your family and friends AND with the Lord. Perhaps you will join me in this prayer, "Lord, let me focus on You and not forget You in all this celebration... after all, it's You we celebrate. Thank you Lord, that You came into this dark world and died instead of me. Accepting this wonderfull grace, I want to live for you, and be the Word manifested for my age. Let it be unto me according to Your Word! Amen."


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