Saturday, December 10, 2005

Keep A Positive Confession

People say, "Well, I'm weak; my faith is not very much; I'm not a very good Christian." That's just what the devil wants you to say. You're just talking his language right then. See? You mustn't never say that.

Don't never let your testimony be negative; let it be positive all the time. "I am saved. I have God in my heart. I believe Him with all my heart." Do you believe in Divine healing? "With all of my heart."

Do not permit negative thoughts
Let your testimony always and your thoughts, everything... Never permit a negative thought to come in your mind if you can help it. When it starts that, don't entertain it. Well, you say, "I can't help the thoughts from coming." Well, that'll be like the farmer that said he couldn't stop the birds from flying over his place, but he could sure stop them from roosting.

Do not entertain negative thoughts
So that's a good thing. You see? You can't help the thoughts when they come, but don't entertain them; just pass it on. "No, sir. Jesus Christ is my Saviour; all things are mine by God. And I'm going to keep them. I'm going to testify of them."

Confess what God says
And God can only bless you as you confess that He has done it for you. See, He's the High Priest of our confession. Is that right? Hebrews 3. He said that He's the High Priest of our confession. He can only do for us as we accept it, and believe it, and confess it.

WMB ("Law" - 1955)


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