Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Keep Your Eyes On Christ

No matter which way the wind's blowing, we're still looking to Calvary, whether it's opposite, or whether whatever it is, we still are set towards Calvary. That's the true believer. And then we're not tossed about by every wind of doctrines, and this comes in, and that comes in, and this takes place; we just got that one pilot course that's right to Calvary.

Do not drift around
I think that's what God meant when He spoke through Jude over there and said, "A clouds without rain, wandering stars..." just wandering around about. That's not right; we shouldn't do that. We should just... When a Christian is first borned in the Kingdom of God his affection, his life, everything is set right on Christ. If he's just a little bit smart, if you don't watch he will put all of it over on education and go off to real cold formal, and indifferent, and everything, some theology, or some great interpretation of Greek words.

Trap no.1: Formality and Intellectualism
I met a man here some time ago, and he said, "Billy, I just learned a certain Greek word. I've been on it for five years, trying to learn the real meaning of this Greek word." Said, "Oh, when I found it, is it a blessing."
I said, "You've been five years learning one Greek word?"
I said, "In that five years, by God's grace, I've won a half million souls to Christ not knowing any Greek word."

It isn't what you know; it's Who you know: To know Him is Life. And we spend so much time on those things which is foolish. Just, I don't mean foolish, which it doesn't do us any good... When you do know, what good does it do you? None. So you just might as well know Him.

Trap no.2: Emotionalism and Fanaticism
And then if he becomes, this person that's centered on Christ, if he's just a little bit nervous or emotional, if you don't watch that individual, he will drift off to this side into fanaticism. And he will become a regular--just every way the wind blows, here he goes. Everywhere the rattle comes, why, he will take after it.

But you don't want that. One's just as contrary as the other one is. But we want to be centered, Christ and there alone. Look to the Lamb of God. Look and live.

WMB ("Father The Hour Has Come" - 1956)


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