Saturday, December 17, 2005

Put The Holy Spirit To Work

The trouble with the people today, those who have the Holy Spirit, they just don't know what to do with It. They blow It all out in steam, instead of making It work for the Lord. They shout It out, and praise It out. That's all right, but let's put It to work. Let's make It work for the Lord.

Like Benjamin Franklin, when he caught electricity, he begin to scream, "I got it. I got it." But just to say he had it, could... 'cause he felt it. He had it, but it'll never do no good till he puts it to work. Now look what it does.

Let the Holy Spirit Work
And the Holy Spirit will light up the world with the Gospel just like electricity did, if we can put It to work. But you've got to let the Holy Spirit work.

People Want To Be Entertained
People today are entertained. If you'll notice on the platform and different places, everywhere--not only here, anywhere--the people come by, they expect... They've had too much of this here high pressured, latter day, Divine healing campaigns. It's exactly right. People saying, "I got it in the hand. Whew. Feel it? Feel it? You feel it?" No, you don't feel it. You might feeled your hand, but that's all you feeled. That's right.

It's Faith - Not Feelings!
Jesus never did say, "Did you feeled it?" He said, "Did you believe it?" See? Not did you feeled it? do you believe it? Faith is not feeling; faith is something that you don't feel; you have no senses will declare it, only that sixth sense, that faith that knows it. You don't feel, taste, smell, or hear it; but you know it. Because Jesus said so; that settles it.

Hollywood Evangelism
And if I could ever get a message sometime that would shake the people away from all this here Hollywood evangelism and get them down to the Bible to THUS SAITH THE LORD, then something will happen. And that's what I've longed to see. We've had a stir here in the Temple. But I'd like to see a revival in the Temple.

We Need A Revival
Now, a revival is not bringing in new members, a revival is reviving what you've already got. That's what we need, is a revival.

Did you ever see the sea have a revival? Sure. When it goes to leaping and jumping, and the waves a beating, there's not one drop of water more in it than it was when it was perfectly quiet. But it's got a revival, throws all the trash up on the shore. That's what it does.
And that's what the church needs tonight, is a revival to throw all the nonsense out of it, and throw it out on the shore, so they can get back to Gospel solid foundation.

We Need The Golden Character of Christ
That's what the Bible said, "Come and buy of Me, gold--pure gold, tried in a fire." The old beaters used to take the gold when they beat it, and they would beat that gold, and turn it over, and beat it, beating the dross out of it, until the reflection of the beater, he could see it in it. Then he knowed he had the dross out of it.

The Bride Makes HERSELF Ready
And that's the way God takes the Holy Spirit, and takes the Christian and the Church, and beats it with the Gospel, and back and forth, and back and forth, until it reflects Jesus in it. The Holy Spirit can see the works of Jesus going on in the Church, then things begin to go fine.
But there's too much dross in the Church today. Too much. Now, they're fine people, the best in the world, the cream of the crop. But the Church needs to make Itself ready. Get ready. The Bible said, "The Bride had made Herself ready," as I preached on it at Pisgah the other day.

WMB ("El Shaddai" - Los Angeles, CA - April 16th, 1959)


Blogger Dakotaranger said...

Not much way to respond to this you hit the nail on the head. I guess about the only that I can say is "it's good to remember this"

12:00 PM  
Blogger Erlend said...

Yes, I heard this Message in my car the other day and I found it very interesting. That people who actually have the Holy Ghost don't know what to do with it, and they need to be instructed... after all, a newly converted Christian who is born again is only a child in Christ yet, and needs to grow into His stature.

8:14 AM  

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