Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Move Is On, Brother!

A few weeks ago in Phoenix, when I had preached on Sunday afternoon, where there's divisions, and men wouldn't hardly speak to one another. I seen around two hundred ministers or better, walk down to the altar, and shake one another's hands, and cry over one another's shoulders, and say they'd never fuss or be different with one another again.

Let that great Church of God take that attitude tonight, and I'll show you a revival that'll ought to sweep this nation and tear down every nest of hell there is. Brother, we can preach till we're hoarse and our lungs fall out, until the people make them move, you'll never do nothing. That's right. You've got to make them move and believe it. Brethren, do it tonight. Do it tonight. Stand up for the Word. Stand for the living Word of the living God. God will manifest it. Amen.

WMB ("God In His Word" - 1957)

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Pentecostal Mistake pt.2

You know, in the Old Testament they took a son, dressed him in a nice pretty garment, and set him out before the public. And they had a ceremony of placing, or we call it adopting. In Galatians there. I kinda think Paul refers to it as adopting sons.

Now, by placing a son... Ministers will understand and spiritual Bible readers, a-placing this son... In other words, the son was a son when he was born. There's where our Pentecostal people made their mistake. Being borned into the family by the Holy Ghost (That's right.), but then we must be the right kind of children, tutored by the right tutor. See?

Our tutor is the Holy Spirit
Now, if a man back in the old age thought of his son, and he wanted him to be a right kind of a son, he got the best tutor he could find, the best teacher; 'cause he wanted his son to come up to be like his daddy. See? So he got the right tutor.

Now, if a man on earth would think of the best tutor, how about God our Father? Now, He never got bishops, and cardinals, and priests; He got the Holy Ghost to be our Tutor. And the Holy Spirit is our Teacher. And He--He's in the Church, and He takes message to the Father.

And then, what if the tutor come up and said, "Well, father..." Now, He ain't going to get some kind of a tutor that wants a straw in his hat, you know, a feather, we call it; say, "Oh, if I tell the father something about... That little boy is a renegade anyhow, but if I tell the father, the father might give me a raise." That ain't the right kind of a tutor. A right kind of a tutor's honest, tell the truth. And the Holy Ghost tells the truth when He comes before God, to us. Yeah.

Growing up to be like Him
So He comes up. What do you think? He'd blush today to say, "Your daughters are all cutting their hair, and You told them not to. Your sons are so organize-minded they just simply can't see one to the other, and that's... And they're adopting this for this and this for that." How He must blush. But how that Tutor would love to come and say, "Oh, my. That son's a real son. He's just like the Father." Oh, how He'd love to say that. See?

Then the Father swells out in pride and say, "This is My son."
That's exactly what God's did on Mount Transfiguration. You notice there appeared Moses and Elijah. And Peter, all excited, the supernatural was done, Peter got excited; he said, "Let's build three tabernacles: one for You, and one for Moses, and for Elias."

While he was yet speaking God shut him up. He said, "This is My beloved Son in whom I am well pleased. Hear ye Him." See? God put Hisself in the background and, "This is My Son."

WMB ("Blasphemous Names" - 1962)

The Pentecostal Mistake pt.1

There's where I think that many of us Pentecostal people has made a mistake. We think as soon as we become sons and daughters of God, that settles it. We just come into a place of trying...

When a man is borned into the body of the Lord Jesus, and becomes the son of God, God has sought the heavens for the best Tutor He knows of to put over His children. And it's not a bishop, but it was the Holy Ghost...

Since Azusa Street in 1906
The Pentecostal blessings has been falling on the people here in America for fifty years; and if anything, we're dwindling instead of going on. "What are you preaching such as this for, Brother Branham?" I want to see the church of God in deep sincerity; I want to see the old fashioned prayer meetings. I want to see them times when they can't leave church; they just stay all night, and pray, and fast, and call out till God answers. Instead of that, it seem like love has dwindled away from us...

Pentecost is an experience!
That's the way real Christianity is a living experience. Pentecost is not a denomination; Pentecost is an experience that anybody can have if they'll wish to have it. It's something that you experience, the Holy Spirit.

WMB ("Hear Ye Him" - 1960)

Monday, January 02, 2006

The New Year

So, for the new year, be determined to stay with His Word and what It's promised, like others elected did in others' days.

If you feel that you've seen the Light that's broke through upon you, of Jesus Christ, His manifestation of His great Holy Spirit in these last days. And, remember, remember, stay with it, what He did, you are one of the Elected; and what he, the Elected in other days, like Abraham, when he saw it, when it was all against scientific proof.

Noah saw it, and it was all against scientific proof. Moses saw it, and it was all against scientific proof. These smart ages that's gone by; but the Elected who saw it, stood firm! Amen.

And for the future, let's stand firm on the promise. God made it, it's up to God to see it through. I'm just following the rhythm. When it beats down the time and says "this is the end of William Branham on the earth," then I'll go with the rhythm. Then I'll rise again with the rhythm. Hallelujah. The One that beat it in, beats it out, beats it in again. It's the rhythm of God, "I'll raise him up at the last days. He that believeth on Me has everlasting Life.

He that heareth My Word and believeth on Him that sent Me, has Eternal Life; and shall never come into the judgment, but has passed from death unto Life." I'll follow the beating of the Word. Amen. Not the beating of my heart; the beating of the Word! No matter what it is, if my heart don't beat with the Word, then my heart's wrong. Amen. For, He is the Word! Amen. The Bible tells us that, God's Word.

WMB ("Shalom" - 12.1.1964)