Friday, February 10, 2006

Experience brings trust

What good does it do to preach a Bible, of a God that heals, or the God that's got power, and tell the people that the days of miracles is past?

What good does it do to send ministers to seminaries, and to colleges, and so forth, and learn all these different things, and then come tell the people that's something that was; it isn't any more?

It's just like taking a man, freezing to death, and say, "Here's a nice picture of a big painted fire." The man cannot get warm by a painted fire. He's freezing and he's got to have warmth.

And a man that's thirsting for God can't be satisfied till something happens. It's an experience. And that kind of an experience will bring forth great faith. You never know what it is. You cannot trust God Who you have never met.

WMB (”Time Tested Faith” – 1958)

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Christian priorities

Just remember, you're living for God. You have one objective, and that's Jesus Christ. Outside of that, there's nothing else counts. That's Him.

Then, secondly, for your family. Then, thirdly, for yourself. But, first, for God; next, for your family; and next, for you. You're number three; that's the end of the road. Put yourself last; He did.

WMB ("How Can I Overcome" - 1963)