Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Purity With Pardon

After we receive our pardon, we receive purity with that pardon. Now, if you're just making out like you got pardon, you haven't got purity. Now, you say, "Can you prove that, Brother Branham?"

Mark this down: Hebrews the 9th chapter, the 11th to the 15th verse: "The worshipper once purged has no more conscience of sin." If you're really pardoned, the very guilt, the very desire, has left you. It's all gone. Purity goes with genuine pardoning. So if we claim pardon, and still not pure, how can we claim pardon, when pardon generates purity. See what I mean?

Sanctifying power goes with pardon
Cleansing, what cleansing you from what? Cleansing you from all connection of formal, dead, traditional works (Amen.), cleansing us from dead tradition. How can you still remain in dead tradition when you're pure from it? Now, you read that in Hebrews 9:11. See if that's right. It cleanses us from the filth of dead, formal, works when we have been pardoned by the Blood of Jesus, because it's the sanctifying power that goes with the pardoning. And we're cleansed from all of our dead works.

The way to come to the communion
Now, when we do that, we come to the communion in the right way. We come to the communion remembering Him, remembering Him, our Sacrifice. We remember Him our Peace; we remember Him our Purity, remember Him our Cleansing; remembering Him when we kneel at the cross, not half drunk, not living in adultery, not with malice, hatred, and strife; but we kneel at the cross by faith, by His feet to accept His pardoning. We come in that condition to the communion, in very sincerity, not just say, "I should go." You go there because you're deeply sincere. It's between death and life. Yes, sir. You go, and remember your traditions no more, and you're cleansed from your sin.

Clean and pure bloodbrothers
That's one place. When you kneel there in sincerity, Methodist brother, Baptist brother, Oneness brother, Twoness brother, Threeness brother: if you kneel there in sincerity, your traditions are gone. That's right. Trinity, Oneness, Baptists, they're all cleansed and are sons of God. Traditions and fussing is over. You don't think about it no more because you're clean and pure. See? You are brothers. No matter what some tradition said, don't have nothing to do with them. You're at the same cross, at the same fountain. You're blood brothers. Oh, my.

WMB ("All Things" - November 24th 1962)


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