Friday, November 25, 2005

We Are Not Saved By Works

We're saved not by works, what we do. It ain't what I done that saved me. It's what Christ done that saved me. See? I have no holiness.

And if I tried to say, "Well, I quit drinking. I quit smoking. I quit stealing, lying, so forth." That's what I done. See? That would be my own. I'd have something to brag about.

But I didn't quit nothing. He just come to me and took it out of me. See? That's it. Then it ain't what I done. It's what He done.

God does the work
And then, the Holy Spirit then abides in and grows daily; just grows, making Itself greater and greater; pushes out the things, the cares, the temptation. As you overcome them, the Holy Spirit takes Its place.

If you got a real bad temptation of something that's not right; overcome that thing a few times, and watch if your testimony doesn't bloom on account of it.

WMB (Acts of the Holy Spirit, 1954)


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