Tuesday, October 04, 2005


"I think of the father of our nation, which is called George Washington. I always had a lot of respect for Mr. Washington because he was a Christian. And before Valley Forge, when he prayed all night long in the snow until he was wet above his waist, and his soldiers, two-thirds of them didn't even have on shoes... They had their feet wrapped with anything they could wrap them with, and it zero weather, and the river froze over.

That night he prayed until he was wet plumb up around his waist. He caught the vision from God. And the next day, he was very persistent. He crossed the river regardless of the... The ice gorges didn't stop him. And three musket bullets was shot through his coat, and he walked on to victory. Why? He was persistent. He prayed until he caught a hold of God, and knowed what God had said. That's it. He could be persistent for the achievement."

(William M. Branham - "Perseverant" - 1962)


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