Saturday, October 01, 2005

Can I Get A Witness Tonight?

If you are a Christian, you are one of God's witnesses on earth. You are the one God can use to reach other lost sons and daughters.

Brother Branham said, "What's in your hand today? You may not have even a stick in your hand. You can testify. You can sing, or you can pass tracts. You can tell somebody about it. Whatsoever is in your hand, get out and do something about it. Move. Let's get going. Let's get the revival moving. Let's fill these seats up. Get people saved, filled with the Holy Spirit. Get the churches built up around here and on fire.." (Faith Once Delivered To The Saints, 1953)

I found this new site, made by brother Ron Millevo. Here you can download tracts explaining various important subjects from the Bible; the Godhead, the New Birth etc. Visit the site and see for your self. There's even a newsletter there that you can subscribe to.

Start today. Be a witness and spread the fire to another soul. Just tell them how the candle got lit, and God will do the rest. God bless you! :)


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