Sunday, September 25, 2005

You Are Omnipotent!

We had a wonderful service in church today. My pastor, Brother William Reiersen, preached a sermon on "Becoming Partakers of Divine Nature". It's actually a great and precious promise, also preached by Brother Peter in the Bible.

I believe that Jesus Christ is the model example of a real Christian. Do you? And an example is supposed to be followed, right? After all, Jesus said, "the things that I do, shall you do also!" We sing the song "To be like Jesus", but do we really believe it? Read this mindblowing statement by Brother Branham, where he actually says that you can be just like Jesus, if you surrender your all to Him:
"Amen. Cut every obstacle from human beings, that they might be connected like in the garden of Eden. Now, man... I was going to choke it, but I'm going to say it. Man is omnipotent. You don't believe that, but he is. A man that's fully surrendered to God is omnipotent. Did not He say in Mark 11:22, "Whatsoever things you say and don't doubt in your heart, it'll come to pass. You can have what you've said"?

What happens when two omnipotence meet? When God and man comes together through omnipotence, something's got to shake. Some... Whatsoever you'd say with that creative power of omnipotence of God, knowing that He's promised it, and He said it in His Word, it creates a power that goes out yonder and brings things to pass; things that is not, it makes them as though they are, because two omnipotence have met. There He stands. Oh, isn't He wonderful."

(Patmos Vision, 1960)


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