Monday, October 03, 2005

Where Is The Passion?

"Here they come back and said, "Why, there's... Why, we couldn't take them. Why, the Amalekites, and the Canaanites, and Perizzites, and what all kinds, their great walled cities, and some of them are so large, these people, until we look like grasshoppers to them." Oh, they were discouraged. We...

Now, isn't that just a type of the church today? "We--we just can't do it. We... Why, I tell you; it's--it's impossible. Now, we have become this, and we've got to be a little like this, and..."

Where's the street meetings at anymore? [A brother answers, "No, there ain't very much, brother."--Ed.] That's true, young fellow. There's not very many no more.

Where is the all-night prayer meetings we used to have? What's happened to it? Where's that deep sincerity and pressing on with God? What's the matter? We've been cut away from it. We just laid it, little by little...

Sin is so--so enticing. Oh, it's glamor. And it's got a very appetizing appeal, sin has. It's so innocent. Why, it looks so... it looks so innocent. Don't you listen to it."

(William M. Branham - "Presuming" - 1962)


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