Thursday, September 29, 2005

Are You Humble Enough?

In the sermon "Humble Thyself" from july 1963, Brother Branham talks about how we should ignore the negative things and pray for those who (in our eyes) have wronged us or others. I think that's a real, godly attitude. Don't you? Here's the quote:

"Don't forget, this Tabernacle will lose its strength. Remember that this is the target where Satan's got every gun in hell trained on it. He'll cause one person to do something that's contrary to what the other one thinks.

He's doing that. That's his business, if he can get somebody to say something, somebody to talk about another, say, "Well, listen, did you know so-and-so did?"

Don't you listen to it at all. That's the devil. See, it's Satan.

If there's anything that somebody's done wrong, pray for them. And don't pray in a selfish way, say, "I know it's my duty, I've got to pray for that brother." You take it to your heart, really down for that sister.

And just talk and be real sweet, and the first thing you know, you find them right back in the service again. 'Cause after all, we're headed towards the setting of the
I "amen" that! Do you? Please comment by clicking "comments" below. God bless you!


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