Monday, November 07, 2005

Little Is Much When God Is In It

That little boy had just five little biscuits and two pieces of fish. It wasn't very much to him as long as it was in his hand. But when he gave what little he had to Jesus, it fed five thousand.

See, we don't have very much, but what little we have, if we'll just give it to Him, He will multiply it, and make it do great things.

What little faith you've got, lay it on Him and say, "Here's all I've got, Lord, but I'm going to believe with that."

Watch what He will do with it. Just watch what happens. Stay right with it. Watch Him bring you around through every curve, and bring you right straight to the promise where He made it. Yes, He knows the way.

WMB (A Testimony Upon The Sea - 1962)


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