Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Raising OUR Standard of Living

I listened to a sermon called "Raising OUR Standard of Living" by David Dienhart, and I was really blessed.

Brother Jeff, The pastor of the church said some words towards the end of the service and told about a plane trip he made recently, where he sat next to a lawyer.

Brother Jeff was listening to a sermon on his iPod with a headset on, while the other man was watching a video also with his headset on. The movie was vulgar at times and finally Bro Jeff couldn't stomach it anymore and tapped the man on the shoulder.

- Take your headset off and listen to this, he said.

The man removed his own headset and borrowed Bro Jeff's and listened... his eyes got bigger and bigger as he listened, and he was overwhelmed by what he heard. This made way for a four hour long conversation between the two, and a chance for Bro Jeff to testify about the Lord Jesus Christ.

With the help of what? A sermon played off of an mp3-player.

You can't listen to Holy Ghost inspired preaching and putting vulgar things before your eyes at the same time without feeling condemned. How important it is for me and for you to remember, that our ears and our eyes should be sanctified and consecrated to God...

The preaching of the Word is foolishness to the world, but to us it is Life and Salvation!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen, my dear son! It is so good to read your blog.It`s a blessing.

1:51 AM  

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