Monday, June 20, 2005

Lost Your Personal Revival?

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThat's the reason the people is in the condition they are, is because they let the wrong spirit come into their heart. (...) The Bible said that's the reason there's so many sick and afflicted among us, is because of such things. We must be gentle. We must be peaceful. We must be a lamb, so that the Dove can abide with us. Now, remember, the Dove will come.

He said, "Oh, Brother Branham, don't tell me I never received the Holy Ghost. Hallelujah. There one night, oh, when He come in, I could just walk on..." Sure, that was Him. "Oh, I felt so good; I felt like I could get every little bird out of the tree and hug it and love it. My, wickedest person that ever done anything to me, I felt like I could put my arm around them and hug them. Oh, Brother Branham, how I felt." Sure, that was the Holy Ghost.

But, you see, the reason He couldn't abide. You was a lamb then; but when you become a wolf, He had to take His flight. Nothing wrong with the Dove; it's you, and you let that spirit come to you, "Did I let it, Brother Branham?"

Yes, when you went to listening to that gossip, when you listened to that lie, when you went to saying, "Well, I've got a right to." You haven't got no right. You are bought with a price, that was the price of the precious Blood of the Son of God. (...)

You've got to be led by the Spirit of God. And the only way to be led by the Spirit of God is keep gentle, not to know a whole lot.

Oh, you think, "I know a whole lot." Yeah, you get your brain all worked up and it can't even work itself. You know all the books, and all the answers, and an the Greek and all the Hebrew, till it ain't got no place for the Dove to roost. That's right. But you know it all; then the Dove can't lead, 'cause you know too much.

The lamb don't claim to know nothing. It's got to have somebody else to lead it. Glory. That's it. Don't know nothing. Amen. The only thing I know is Christ Jesus died to save me.

Quote: William M. Branham
"Church And Its Condition", Jeff,IN, August 5th 1956 (link)


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