Friday, April 29, 2005

Who Am I?

Humility is a great thing. A preacher once said:
"The only way up, is down!" Oh, how true that is. For who are we to think that we're worthy of His love? We deserve death like anyone else, but He called us out of the world, justified us, started to clean us up through sancification, with a promise of the baptism of the Holy Spirit according to Acts 2:38.

I want to share with you the song "Who Am I" by Rusty Goodman, because it really paints the picture I'm trying to bring into your mind: "Who Am I?"

Who Am I?

When I think of how He came so far from glory
Came to dwell among the lowly such as I
To suffer shame and such disgrace
On Mount Calvary take my place
Then I ask myself this question
Who am I?

Who am I that The King would bleed and die for?
Who am I that He would pray not my will, Thine Lord?
The answer I may never know
Why He ever loved me so
That to an old rugged cross He'd go
For who am I?

When I'm reminded of His words
I'll leave you never
If you'll be true I'll give to you life forever
Oh I wonder what I could have done
To deserve God's only Son
To fight my battles until they're won
For who am I?


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