Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Greetings in the precious Name of Jesus Christ!

My desire is that this blog will be a blessing to you. A source of encouragement and inspiration for you in your daily walk with God.

I have named this blog "Revival In Me" because that's where it must start. In me! In you! Don't wait for someone else to get on fire.. get on fire for God yourself! And watch God come on the scene.

To revive means "to bring back to life again" or "to live again". We can't live on some past experience. We need to be renewed and revived. We need to have a relationship with God today!

I want to keep the focus on Christ, and how I can get closer to Him. If that's your desire as well, please bookmark this site and visit from time to time. You can also leave your comments here and be a source of inspiration yourself.

Until we meet at His feet...

God be with you!


Blogger Joseph said...

Great introduction message, Erland. I will be back :)

7:54 PM  

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